Monday, 30 September 2013


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Term 4 Timetable

Every time I redo my timetable I worry that I am missing something out. It's so hard to fit it all in! So, I prioritise, decide upon the "non-negotiables" and just do the best I can.

For me, "non-negotiables" are -

  • read alouds several times a week, preferably daily (with all the decoding, sequencing, vocab and comprehension teaching snuck in!)
  • 20 minutes of phonics/handwriting explicit teaching each day (this has been shortened on some days so I will sneak it into Daily 5 mini-lessons instead)
  • reading time - aiming for children to be reading as much as possible
  • math needs to be 1 hour each day (this is mandated by powers above!)
  • time for the children to have hands-on, active discovery and play time
  • craft and creative time to assist fine motor and spatial awareness
  • This term I will begin trialing Daily 5. I only seem to be able to fit 2 sessions in each day, but I guess quality rather than quantity! I have allowed each "session" about 25 minutes, which would become 5 min mini-lesson, 15 minute D5 choice, then 5 min discussion time. I think this is developmentally appropriate for 6 year olds. Would LOVE some feedback from other teachers though!
Here is my weekly overview- 

Please visit Brooke at Teachable Moments because you can see her planning too! :) 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

End of term

Tomorrow is the last day of Term 3. Wow, it's been such a busy year and the students and I have all learned so much!

Next term I am going to work hard on taking more photos and blogging more because it's a great record of what works and what didn't for when I plan next year. Certain topics are worth building up and redoing each year, such as weather, insects and family history, particularly now that the Australian Curriculum is more prescriptive.

Today we did a quick "experiment" to explain the precipitation part of the water cycle. I saw it on pinterest but don't have the credits, so big apologies! Simply, a cup of water, squirt some shaving foam on top and then some drops of blue food dye. The "rain" falls through the "clouds". This is then a great language experiences for some writing!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Wonderful Weather

Here is a quick update with some photos of our weather unit!

It's the last week on Term 3, which means that we are 3/4 the way through the year! Wow!

This week I have been super busy-

  • doing Running Records on all my students (keeping the rest of the class purposefully busy whilst doing these time consuming but important tests is a challenge!)
  • starting Guided Math rotations - and LOVING it! 
  • lots of weather and season related arts and crafts and science! 
  • integrating Geography into my weather unit ready for next year when Australian teachers need to start assessing Geography
  • watching our class tadpoles grow!
  • and on the weekend I took my own little family to see the Tall Ships Wooden Boat Festival - replica sailing ships from the early explorers - amazing!

Hope everyone is having a great time! x