Monday, 27 May 2013

Emergent Numeracy Skills

I have a bunch of students who are in the very early stages of understanding number. Yes, they can orally count, but subitising and trusting the count? Nope. They need to physically touch and count all.

So one of my goals this year is to better understand the developmental stages and to research exactly how to reach these children and how to guide them to the next step. Ideally, I would like them all to be confident with subitising and trusting the count ready for place value in grade 2.

I am using the Count Me In Too resource and the Professor Di Siemon research.

Here are a couple of photos of number work we did last week:

Ways to represent 7

Representing 8

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wizard of Oz

We read a picture book version of the Wizard of Oz and then watched the classic Judy Garland movie. The kids LOVED it!
It was a great way to introduce the concepts of character and setting.

For this artwork, I divided up a large piece of cartridge paper in quarters using masking (painters) tape. Then in each quarter the children drew a different setting using oil based pastels. There are a lot of colour themes in the book! Glinda's castle is pink/red, Emerald City is green, the Yellow Brick Road, and the Rainbow.

Then a dye wash over the drawing. Peel off the masking tape. Ta da!

Bilby Photos

Here are the photos I promised (a loooong time ago!)
The bilbies in the burrow are precut cards found at a local cheap store (a pack of 10 for $2). 
We also did some comparing and contrasting of bilbies and rabbits using a venn diagram.