Sunday, 9 September 2012

What I'm reading this week

Of course, I love to read. I like trashy romance novels, books about far flung lands, picture books, text books, art books and even cook books.

Term 2 has just ended so I have 2 blissful weeks to catch up on some reading. I've already devoured one fluffy novel (Irish chick lit, yup!) and I thought I would share some of the books I have read this week.

First of all, some professional books. I LOVE that I can get great books from Book Depository for half the price!

I will write a blog post about these two treasures in more detail later.

Then I have the books that I am reading aloud to my 6 year old daughter.  The Rainbow Fairy Series by Daisy Meadows (is that her real name??!!) and classic Enid Blyton.

Yesterday we went to the local Museum where they had an exhibition of children's book illustrations. The books were available to read. I read this one to my son and daughter.
Elizabeth Honey, Princess Beatrice and the Rotten Robber

This little gem came along to class this week with a student which we all loved so much we did a quick comprehension task and a mini-lesson about inferring.
I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen

A BRILLIANT picture book!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Spring has begun and the sun is shining today! There is always a reason to smile.

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